Online Cooking Academy

  • Client: Goody
  • Project: Online Cooking Academy
  • Date: November 2014
  • Service: Social Media Marketing
  • Brief: The remarkable success of Goody Kitchen’s Offline Academy had prompted plans to launch the 1st ever comprehensive skill-based Online Cooking Academy in the region. With this launch, Goody Kitchen was all set to cater to the “Fearful Cooks” and make the learning process effortless for them by offering simple and convenient video tutorials. The Social Clinic was commissioned to design a launch campaign with the purpose of encouraging the Fearful Cooks to experience the courses online and secure the prestigious Goody Certificates.
  • Delivery: We approached the brief by creating pre-launch teasers based on three different scenarios where our Fearful Cook was “scared”, “lost” and “overwhelmed” because of the cooking dilemmas she found herself in on a daily basis. We decided to intensify the Fearful Cook’s fears by playing on her insecurities and posing questions that were sure to generate a lot of buzz and curiosity among Goody Kitchen’s fans and followers. In the next phase, all her insecurities were laid to rest by offering her a helping hand in the form of Goody’s Online Cooking Course that put her on the path to confident cooking.
    The remaining parts of the campaign tapped into the convenience aspect of the initiative while focusing on the brand equity and quality of content. Engagement was generated by holding a competition across all social platforms where daily questions sourced directly from the cooking tutorials were posted and winners were chosen randomly through a lucky draw. To ensure maximum participation in Goody Kitchen’s online cooking course, we offered them prizes after the completion of each milestone.
    A very sophisticated and refined design foundation was needed to carry the weight of this concept. Since red and white were the brand colors, we decided to stick to these while incorporating gold to add glamour and infuse elegance. The positioning line was the final cherry on the cake كوني طباخة واثقة مع مطبخ قودي– This line simplistically defined the brand’s stance behind the initiative.